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1st Ganotherapy Professional Day in Hungary

2023.02.22. 09:20
We organized one of the most popular events of the recent period last weekend. After a lot of preparatory work, discussions and negotiations, excellent and credible speakers gave information about the working solutions of ganotherapy. Our body is a wonderful fine-tuned structure that is forever striving for life, balance and renewal. This is how it works until first grains of sand and then coarse stones are introduced into the structure due to the way of life, thinking and food we choose.
So we need an indicator that can make our body work perfectly again.
One of the most important ideas of ganotherapy is that the natural foods used in ganotherapy have an effect on our body and our body heals the upset balance and thus frees us from diseases.
Our speakers, therapist Juli Tóth, ganotherapy instructor Paulinné Bukovics Mariann, university instructor and biochemist Dr. Dergez Tímea, and professor Dr. Lajos Papp all talked about the solutions found in nature, not neglecting the basic theses of medicine.
Countless case studies have been found and many of the participants have already experienced the beneficial effects of ganotherapy.
I had the opportunity to present the drink and ingredients of DXN Greenmix, which are the basic components of the therapy, but I was also happy to share my knowledge about the beneficial and healing possibilities of Sunya meditation.
All in all, I once again found that Ganoderma is not called the king of herbs for a reason. The number of active ingredients in medicinal mushrooms and their adaptogenic effect almost always had a positive effect on those who voted for confidence.
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