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We received an invitation from Polish DXN leader Anna Binek that we should participate and share our knowledge at their event in Warsaw.

Here is the date and place for the next DXN leadership camp in Europe

Two running teams started in the DXN colors on the Ultrabalaton this year

We organized one of the most popular events of the recent period last weekend.

Dr. Lord Mayor from Nigeria Makeover 2020 International DXN Leadership Camp Al Ain UAE

We were honored to be invited as a speaker to the III. American Leadership Camp. The event took place in one of the finest hotel in Las Vegas.

We organized a great year-end meeting at one of the most beautiful place of Veszprem at the beginning of December.

DXN Nigeria's Opening Ceremony. Please watch the video.

Another african country opened its office and started the shopping and business opportunity in Nigeria.

We are honored to be invited as a performer to the next American Leadership Camp in Las Vegas.

One of the best mini-movie about DXN company. One World One Market Please watch the movie.

The closeness of nature always cleans my thoughts. After a great and successful day I started my usual running before sunset.

-Do you know why are you at the best place?
-What is happening and why in DXN?
-Why can you be sure that you get the best product?

DXN gives opportunity to enjoy an amazing, luxury travel to those leaders who reaches a certain level of turnover.

The DXN market is improving seriously in Africa.

Jane Yau is one of the most experienced ganotherapist in the world.

DXN Hungary celebrated its 10th anniversary. There was so many great leader and many more new member in this anniversary event.

Last week made a video with Jane Yau ganotherapyst. She talked about DXN Potenzhi, man's health, woman's health and of course the sexual health.

On May 11, was the first DXN seminar and start meeting in Côte d'Ivoire.

I often get this question (last time when I was at the doctor for vaccination because we’re going to Africa).

In the last 5 months DXN Hungary launched a promotion. The company reward with a beautiful trip those who fulfilled 400 PPV in their own sales.

The meaning of CA Factory is Crown Ambassador Factory. This is a place where you go for working, for learning an where you have chance to achive the highest business level of DXN.

Tout renseignement sur comment démarrer avec le business café ganoderma en Cote d'Ivoire.

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