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Bali is a dream..

2019.03.15. 16:13

We spent 2 weeks there and we tried to discover as many local sights and cultural memories as possible. But we also wanted to get to know the local life, the local mentality and the local motivation. With our pictures I want to show the beauty of the Island but the most important was to get to know and observe the local people. It was great to see their smiles, their rest and their honest love that they give to others and to us as well.

It was very good to spend 14 days with a great team. We were there with many DXN partners including the world’s largest Crown Ambassador Mr. Budiman Salim who owns the largest DXN network in the world. We learnt that the happiness and the success are not a coincidience and these thing aren’t depend on money. Because you have to became the the right man with the right habit and then the reward will arrive.

So check my gallery. It worth it. :) 

Bali is a dream..


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