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2018.06.14. 13:01

Sometimes I got strange manifestations what can be natural if we are talking about a man who are in the focus of thousands of people. Nay! I write blogs and I don’t hide that I’m living a very happy life.

It can be contrast because our freedom annoys many financially rich people. But it can be annoying those people, too who thinks this is unattainable.

But this is why I post many times. I want you to recognize the opportunity. You can also live the same life. Those people who know me know that I didn’t win my sales and consumer network on lottery. I did a lot for it.

The choice was mine. I wanted to invest my energy to a commercial sector what is profitable for me in long term. I chose a company with long-term goals and with a great vision. I didn’t wanted to choose a company what plans only for 4-5 years. They don’t pay for recruiting.. They pay for the circulation. The glitter doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the value. 

You can be bitterness but it’s unneccessary. I’m very proud and glad to work with DXN and I can help thousands of people to live a better and healthier life. I didn’t search companies when I had harder or unsuccessful months.

I didn’t think about to finish and search another opportunity. I know that the biggest virtues of an enterprise or a leader are the long-term thinking and the predictability. I know my goal and my mission. That’s why I don’t want to hide my life. I would like to show a way and hope for others with our life and with our experiences. 

I promise that everyone can count on me who think that way. 



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