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Charity, Health caring and relaxation

2018.07.03. 13:22

The I. DXN Charity and Running Day was held in Tata. That was the first time when the DXN visited this beautiful city. And that was also the first time when there was a charity running on a DXN Family Day.

After the hard night storms the brave people started their journey from all around the country to participate in this great day and support the DXN foundation. It wasn’t just a single Family Day. It was much more than that. It was all about the DXN members who are committed to team play and who undertake to do their health. They are willing to sacrifice for the health of others. It was a real festivity for those who participated. There was many sport opportunity, running at the Old Lake, Dragon boat racing, sightseeing and we could do blood donation.

Zsusza Maráz (Ultrarunner of 2016 and 2017, 3x Ultra Balaton winner, 5x Sárvár 12h winner, and she completed the Spartathlon(246km) 2 times.) led and supported us in this run. Because of her many people started to run in this event. They showed that the move and the sport have and important role in our life. 

Big thanks to István Böczkös who is the manager of DXN Europe KFT and to his management and a big thanks to József Katona who is the European Regional Coordinator. They organized this amazing event. Without them it couldn’t succeed.

Thanks to Roland Mészáros who is a DXN Diamond for this fantastic idea of Charity Running. 

I write a little bit of regret but it is a fact that those „participants” who have applied for the free buses but didn’t come not just deprived themselves of this excellent event, but also those who couldn’t come because of that. 

In the end I would like to congratulate the the participating DXN team because they demonstrated their responsibility to people not just with sport activity but also with their blood donation. A lot of people have given blood. 

DXN is not just a worldwide MLM company. It is a philosophy, it is a lifestyle and it is a big family. It’s good to be here. 

Charity, Health caring and relaxation


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