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DXN event in Poland

2024.02.05. 12:50

The greatest experience of the event organized by the Polish DXN management was the large number of new participants, who prove that the development of DXN is unbroken in every country. We were able to perform in an excellent atmosphere and I am sure that we will see more successful leaders grow up in this country as well. The road to the Crown Ambassador level is long and not always without challenges, but that makes it beautiful and valuable. Through business relationships, friendships are forged in DXN, which means that you cannot travel to any country in the world without one or more DXN family members waiting for you somewhere.

Thank you for the invitation and I am sure that we were able to give the participating DXN members new points of view and strength to continue. And we congratulate the local leaders for their great work and example.

If you also feel like you would like to belong with us and would like to try yourself, don't hesitate, because you just might win! Health, extra income, a lot of relationships, joy.

Szabolcs Czerna Executive Crown Diamond + 20


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