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DXN Hungary is 10 years old

2019.05.24. 15:32

DXN Hungary celebrated its 10th anniversary. There was so many great leader and many more new member in this anniversary event. We celebrated this amazing jubilee together.

10 years is very significant if we are talking about a MLM company. The parent company celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and at last but not least we celebrated few days before that our company is in the 15th position of the Direct Marketing Company’s hierarchy with more than 1.25 Billion USD income. These serious numbers means that this company has a very serious past. But the future looks more serious. In this event we were lucky to hear Mrs. Jane Yau who support her fantastic network with her knowledge, human values and with her love.

Today if we talk about DXN we can talk about one of the most stabile and one of the fastest growing company. Why? Because it has so many high quality products at affordable prices.

Happy Birthday and Good luck for the next 10 years!

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DXN Hungary is 10 years old


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