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DXN running teams on the Ultrabalaton

2023.06.01. 11:10

The DXN running team achieved fantastic results at this year's Ultrabalaton. The 211-kilometer distance was completed by the 3-person team, including us, in 19 hours and 52 minutes, which is a great achievement. 

Our 11-person team finished in 21 hours and 39 minutes. The DXN runners' regular training and use of DXN nutritional supplements helped achieve this performance.

The team members trained hard before the Ultrabalaton to prepare for the long distance. During training, they used DXN nutritional supplements to support their workouts and improve their performance. DXN products helped them cope with the stress of training and regenerate faster.

On the day of the Ultrabalaton, the team members performed fantastically. Their strong will and hard training paid off, and everyone could be proud of their performance. DXN nutritional supplements helped them stay energetic and support their muscles throughout the entire race.

Congratulations to the DXN running team for achieving a fantastic result at Ultrabalaton! Regular training and the use of DXN nutritional supplements can indeed help improve your performance and achieve your goals.

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