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How can you earn money with DXN?

2018.11.30. 11:14

Every MLM company knows this and they want reach this circulation with expensive starter packs. Of course this results in a high bonus at the beginning but according to my experiences those who buy many products at the beginning they will buy fewer products in the coming months. So they have to find more and more new prospects to maintain this circulation. It works in the company’s first years but sooner or later they will run out of energy. So be careful when somebody promises fast money. There are no miracles. It is necessarry to generate circulation! We need purchases to have a long-term, lasting passive income.

There is a much easier way to generate circulation. Ok.. Maybe this isn’t so fast but more reliable.

The DXN products are widely served to preserve your health, your cafe habits, your personal hygiene and your skin care habits. Everyone is spending money on these. Who more, who less but spends. If you can focus on these spending with the products of DXN then everyone is spending only as much as they or their family consume. So there is no overburden or unnecessary stock. Of course it is good if you have some basic products in your car because you can give it to those who wants to buy immediately but this is another question.

The product experience is the basis of our work. So it is important to get the widest possible experience of products.

The rest are very simple. It’s only a matter of timet o increase your circulation and your bonus as well.

Sit with someone who doesn’t know the DXN products for a coffee every day. It is very easy and simple because you have already drank coffee or tea with others. Now you will do it more purposefully.

You can create incredible circulation in 2-3 years. The company’s annual revenue exceeds 1 billion USD in the world. More than 50% of this money will be paid as a bonus to the distributors. This is more than 140 billion USD per a month. 

So you can see there is a lot of money in this business but you have to create circulation. That’s why the company pay you and us not the TV ads. Because this is more efficient.

Your success depends on you and your diligence and endurance. 

After 2 or 3 years there will be surely hundreds of people who will consume the products. And I’m sure that there will be many who will also recommend the products to others. This is how you can create tens of thousands of euros circulation with your network and you will get the 50 % of that income as a bonus in every single month. 

In the last year after the hungarian circulation the company paid more than 300 million forints bonus. But thanks to the One World One Market concept many leader has circulation from other countries or other continent.

So start your journey because it is worth to start. You don’t need to invest money you don’t have to work all day. You just need to drink coffee with your prospect regularly with focus. It only depends on you when will this 2-3 years begin. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but a ganoderma coffe a day heals the family cash register.

How can you earn money with DXN?


Sheikha younas May 20. 2020, 06:26
I wanna join
I wanna earn
Akoli April 08. 2020, 13:13
I was looking for a way to sell DXN and found your site.

The information you have provided shows that your name dxnleader is appropriate.

Thanks for sharing this.



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