Dr. Lord Mayor DXN leader speech from Nigeria
March 20. 2020, 18:38

Dr. Lord Mayor from Nigeria Makeover 2020 International DXN Leadership Camp Al Ain UAE


Fight against viruses with DXN products
March 07. 2020, 13:10

With antiviral herbs against viruses.


III. DXN American Leadership Camp in Las Vegas
January 02. 2020, 16:38

We were honored to be invited as a speaker to the III. American Leadership Camp. The event took place in one of the finest hotel in Las Vegas.


Year-end meeting in Veszprem
December 14. 2019, 15:45

We organized a great year-end meeting at one of the most beautiful place of Veszprem at the beginning of December. That was the last big event in t...


DXN Nigeria (video)
November 06. 2019, 08:42

DXN Nigeria's Opening Ceremony. Please watch the video.


DXN Nigeria opened its doors!
November 04. 2019, 10:57

Another african country opened its office and started the shopping and business opportunity in Nigeria.


Invitation to Las Vegas
November 04. 2019, 10:56

We are honored to be invited as a performer to the next American Leadership Camp in Las Vegas.


DXN mini-movie
October 25. 2019, 17:36

One of the best mini-movie about DXN company. One World One Market Please watch the movie.


Running thoughts – Gratitude
August 08. 2019, 11:05

The closeness of nature always cleans my thoughts. After a great and successful day I started my usual running before sunset.


My journey with DXN
August 05. 2019, 16:24

-Do you know why are you at the best place? -What is happening and why in DXN? -Why can you be sure that you get the best product?


Our DXN reward was a wonderful cruise
June 20. 2019, 12:02

DXN gives opportunity to enjoy an amazing, luxury travel to those leaders who reaches a certain level of turnover. This time we had an opportunity ...


Already DXN Nigeria is in the field of vision
May 30. 2019, 19:58

The DXN market is improving seriously in Africa.


Jane Yau Ganotherapist in Hungary
May 25. 2019, 15:44

Jane Yau is one of the most experienced ganotherapist in the world. She held prezentations in 4 cities with a title of „How to make our life health...


DXN Hungary is 10 years old
May 24. 2019, 15:32

DXN Hungary celebrated its 10th anniversary. There was so many great leader and many more new member in this anniversary event. We celebrated this ...


What is the DXN Potenzhi
May 17. 2019, 16:24

Last week made a video with Jane Yau ganotherapyst. She talked about DXN Potenzhi, man's health, woman's health and of course the sexual health. P...


DXN Africa opens its wings
May 14. 2019, 19:36

On May 11, was the first DXN seminar and start meeting in Côte d'Ivoire. Two DXN leaders, László Kócsó DXN Crown Ambassador and Szabolcs Czérna DXN...


Do the medicinal mushrooms heal us?
April 14. 2019, 11:42

I often get this question (last time when I was at the doctor for vaccination because we’re going to Africa). The doctor asked me do these mushroom...


Hungarian Travel Seminar in Krakkow
April 07. 2019, 11:12

In the last 5 months DXN Hungary launched a promotion. The company reward with a beautiful trip those who fulfilled 400 PPV in their own sales and ...


CA Factory Day
March 30. 2019, 10:51

The meaning of CA Factory is Crown Ambassador Factory. This is a place where you go for working, for learning an where you have chance to achive th...


Evénement DXN en Côte d'Ivoire
March 23. 2019, 20:08

Tout renseignement sur comment démarrer avec le business café ganoderma en Cote d'Ivoire.


Why are trees blooming?
March 17. 2019, 17:01

Did you ever think about that why are trees blooming in Spring? Why are they so fragrant? We enjoy it and smell it all the time and we consider it ...


Bali is a dream..
March 15. 2019, 16:13

One of the best thing in the life is travel from the winter to the summer. There are so many wonderful place in the world but we chose Bali.


Why are you afraid of restarting?
January 14. 2019, 18:23

Because it’s not easy. It’s not easy to admit to yourself that you are nowhere. It’s not easy to admit to yourself that you have done so far has cu...


Business in the business
January 08. 2019, 16:39

DXN introduced its new cosmetic product lines with which the company finally entered the natural, bio-cosmetic market.


How can you earn money with DXN?
November 30. 2018, 11:14

Many people are very interested that how to earn money with DXN. The answer is quite simple: We have to generate circulation with the DXN products. :)


You are here because of your past...
November 13. 2018, 10:55

This sentence is on the locker room’s door of my favorite basketball team. There are many national team player, euroleague silver medalists, world ...


What does the internal motivation mean?
November 13. 2018, 10:46

I was an active athlete for a very long time. I was 10 years old when my father took me to my first football training in Győr.


You rarely reach your goal with those you’ve started with.
October 16. 2018, 19:12

In recent days I started reading again the book of John C. Maxwell that is about the Leadership.


I had a malaysian guest
October 03. 2018, 12:30

Jane Yau ganotherapyst from Malaysia was my guest for 4 days. She held presentation in 4 different cities where she received a lot of interest.


Hungarian Travel Seminar in Transylvania
October 01. 2018, 12:28

We enjoyed the wonderful Transylvania with a great team for 5 days. We were there with those DXN members who were diligent and they constantly focu...


How can you earn money with DXN?

November 30. 2018, 11:14

Many people are very interested that how to earn money with DXN. The answer is quite simple: We have to generate circulation with the DXN products. :)

Every MLM company knows this and they want reach this circulation with expensive starter packs. Of course this results in a high bonus at the beginning but according to my experiences those who buy many products at the beginning they will buy fewer products in the coming months. So they have to find more and more new prospects to maintain this circulation. It works in the company’s first years but sooner or later they will run out of energy. So be careful when somebody promises fast money. There are no miracles. It is necessarry to generate circulation! We need purchases to have a long-term, lasting passive income.

There is a much easier way to generate circulation. Ok.. Maybe this isn’t so fast but more reliable.

The DXN products are widely served to preserve your health, your cafe habits, your personal hygiene and your skin care habits. Everyone is spending money on these. Who more, who less but spends. If you can focus on these spending with the products of DXN then everyone is spending only as much as they or their family consume. So there is no overburden or unnecessary stock. Of course it is good if you have some basic products in your car because you can give it to those who wants to buy immediately but this is another question.

The product experience is the basis of our work. So it is important to get the widest possible experience of products.

The rest are very simple. It’s only a matter of timet o increase your circulation and your bonus as well.

Sit with someone who doesn’t know the DXN products for a coffee every day. It is very easy and simple because you have already drank coffee or tea with others. Now you will do it more purposefully.

You can create incredible circulation in 2-3 years. The company’s annual revenue exceeds 1 billion USD in the world. More than 50% of this money will be paid as a bonus to the distributors. This is more than 140 billion USD per a month. 

So you can see there is a lot of money in this business but you have to create circulation. That’s why the company pay you and us not the TV ads. Because this is more efficient.

Your success depends on you and your diligence and endurance. 

After 2 or 3 years there will be surely hundreds of people who will consume the products. And I’m sure that there will be many who will also recommend the products to others. This is how you can create tens of thousands of euros circulation with your network and you will get the 50 % of that income as a bonus in every single month. 

In the last year after the hungarian circulation the company paid more than 300 million forints bonus. But thanks to the One World One Market concept many leader has circulation from other countries or other continent.

So start your journey because it is worth to start. You don’t need to invest money you don’t have to work all day. You just need to drink coffee with your prospect regularly with focus. It only depends on you when will this 2-3 years begin. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but a ganoderma coffe a day heals the family cash register.

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