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Hungarian Travel Seminar in Transylvania

2018.10.01. 12:28

We enjoyed the wonderful Transylvania with a great team for 5 days. We were there with those DXN members who were diligent and they constantly focused on developing their network.

DXN Europe Kft. launched a competition for the hungarian network. The condition was to expand the network for at least on member for 6 months and increase the circulation. Temesvár, Csíkszereda, Lake Gyilkos, Csíksomlyó, Csiki brewery, The Castle of Dracula, Salt mine of Parajd and Cluj. These were the sites. We shared our experiences during the bus ride. It was a real seminar feeling with Mr. Jijith European Marketing Director, with József Katona European Coordinator, with Budiman Saim who is the very first Crown Ambassador in DXN with more than 3 millions business partners and with Sulaiman Abdulrahman from Saudi. It worth to achieve these kind of challanges because these events give more than you think.

Hungarian Travel Seminar in Transylvania


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