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Money chasing 2018

2018.09.18. 12:13

I heard many times when I talked with adult people that how much they loved to work abroad because this is the biggest opportunity of their life. They’re telling me zealously that they could earn 1200-1300 euro per month 500-600 km from their home.

Is this really the only chance in nowadays?

  • Far from your family, friends and your home?
  • Be in a vulnerable position in a foreign environment?
  • Pay all the costs of staying?
  • Live a limited life to bring something back home from your money?
  • Work 10-12 hour a day?
  • Drop everything that we learned?
  • Live the same life after 10 years?
  • How long could you do this?

Is this really the best way?

  • Why is it better than work 2-3 hours a day with support among friends?
  • Why is it looks easier thank drink coffees and talk with people 2-3 times a day?
  • Why the cleaning job looks better than make some calls from your sofa?
  • Why the less fix money is more attractive than the more money that we get after our work?
  • What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of ourselves? Why don’t we work if we don’t have boss?

As I see our problems is not about working. The biggest problem is our thoughts. If you work to be responible for yourself for your environment then you can change everything quickly.

Come on!

We will help you! )

Money chasing 2018


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