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My birthday

2018.08.15. 12:14

Don’t start to read this post if you don’t have time! But sometime it’s worth to stop and see those things what is not clear for everyone in our crowded everydays. So please start reading only if you have 15 minutes for reading and watch a short video.

The 50th birthday is always a very interesting anniversary. People feel that something has come to an end and something starts. This is why my thoughts are really mixed. Basically many times I feel myself 30 years old. Especially if I have to be crazy. JThis is why I didn’t want to strengthen this slogan in myself. Because at this time every people start to joke with this age. Like „Welcome to the club!” or „The page B starts now.” Or „What a nice age and you still have no problems.” So I decided that I will celebrate my birthday with 50 minutes swimming, with 50 minutes running and with 50 km cycling. That will be my birthday and I will live my life as I have done so far. Without any aging notice. The first two challenges have been fulfilled but I didn’t have time for the third because something happened...

But before I tell you what happend let me share my experiences that I got during the swimming and running. I decided that every minute will be a year from my life. So I could call up many thoughts and pictures about persons, events, things that happend in my life. It was an unbelieveable experience.

It was amazing to live it again with You. (I’m sure that if you read this post then you were in these thoughts.) It uploaded me very much. It was great to see how beautiful life I have with many valuable people with lots of love and opportunity. I’m thankful to everyone who has been featured in this spiritual journey for just a moment. You gave me value in my life. I got many things and I learned many thing from all of you. My parents, my classmates, my football mates, my friends, my family, my business partners, my colleagues, my trainers, my teachers, my sponsors, the teachers and trainers of my children and many, many people were there with me. All of you’ve shaped me. It’s really unbelieveable to write how many pictures I could call up in this 50 minutes. I had to spin my thoughts quickly. But the biggest lesson was that this 50 years went away very fast. At that time I felt that I have to swim 50 minutes one more time. But the run was still waiting for me. It’s very interesting that how big difference is between 50 minutes and 50 minutes. :):) What is the edification? When you are with those people who are nice to you then the time is flying. :)

There was some people who were with me repeatedly or continously. For those I really thank you the miracle that I call my life. There are more of these people but let me raise my wife, Tündi. She has „suffered” a lot from me but I hope I could compensate with the love I gave her. Until to this day I feel warmth when I think about her. I surely would be a fewer man without her.

But the most important is that we are not together because none of us could have another partner. We are together because we feel the best when we spend time together. 

But now let’s go back to the event that caused me to postpone the 50 km cycling. (Of course I will make up for cycling because I can remember more thing in 1 km.) I will always remember this morning. 

The story started on Thursday. Our French friends visited us in Hungary. We know them thanks to DXN. The male member of the family celebrated his 50th birthday on 19 of July. Originally we would have been waiting for them at Lake Balaton but because of the bad weather we met in Sopron.

What I didn’t know was that my son and our DXN friends and sponsors had an appointment with wonderful gifts. They couldn’t book a hotel because every day we changed where we are going to be. They started their journey at 5am to be in Sopron at 9am. Watch the rest of the story in video. That was the biggest scam I ever participated in. Thank you very much! You will be my friends forever.



I thought that it’s impossible to suprise me any more after this day but I was wrong. On 21th of July on my birthday when I did my 50 minutes running Tündi said that she’s going to the shop. She said to me that stay with our guests she will hurry home. But I also have to go to my favorite farm to buy some delicious food for my breakfast but Tündi said that don’t stay away for a long time. It was strange but I didn’t suspect anything. So when we started to eat suddenly there appeared 6 cars that were decorated with many balloons. I couldn’t hold it anymore.. I started to cry. With this TEAM we did the first „On the Way Together” training. Today everyone is Diamond but the point is not that. We’ve became an inseparable team and I know that there will be many common way in our life. I really thank you for your love and for your present. I uploaded my life with lots of motivation for my next 50 years.

Team building is the most imortant thing in a business. Because we become better in a team and the team always give inspiration to do something. For you I will do everything in everywhere! 

Sometimes I see that the „migratory birds” fly away and they will never get what they are really looking for. They always fly and look for something that is maybe before their eyes. But for some reason they don’t notice it or they just don’t want to notice it. But the good news is that the nest always remains in place. They can come back anytime. 

I started to achieve my plans for the next 50 years and I hope that I can give more health, more wealth and more happiness to the people with more followers with more leaders and with more friends. I believe in that we have an impact on people and our results will also have an impact on them.

Thank my children for mirror they sometimes hold and I’m glad you saw the values you should follow and I’m happy you have partners with whom you can live along these values.

I’m really happy and I wish this feeling everyone. Rejoice what you have and try to create more but don’t forget to give. Take care of your health, your friends and the love.

My birthday


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