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Our DXN reward was a wonderful cruise

2019.06.20. 12:02

DXN gives opportunity to enjoy an amazing, luxury travel to those leaders who reaches a certain level of turnover. This time we had an opportunity to see the wonderful norwegian fjords that gave us many life-long memories. Now I would like to give you some experiences from our trip in my blog from day to day. Don’t forget to check our pictures.

Day 1

It’s about 8 o’clock PM and I’m sitting on our balcony. The sun is still shining but our balcony is well protected from the winds that caused by the high speed. The sunshine is so warm and i can hear the murmur of the sea and I’m thinking about that our ship is like a big hotel. Peace, pride, gratitude and love totally fill me. We are here again with the whole family. 10 years ago I made a choice that determines the location of our holiday every single year. Now we’re going to the norwegian fjords from Copenhagen. The June is a very special month in the north countries. I already experienced this in Sweden. The sun is shining very long and now at 9:30 PM it almost burns my face. The dinner coming soon with those people who never doubted and who did what they needed to and now they’re enjoying the rewards that the company provides to them every year. 

Day 2 

We didn’t wake up early because it was a sea day. That means we had many choices about what to do all day. This 19-storey ship has a Mall, Wellness and SPA, Fun Park, indoor basketball and football court, Bowling alley, Cinema, Circus, F1 simulator, Runway, Casino, 10 Bars and more than 10 restaurants. It was hard to choose. We chose Sports. We run for 1 hour. The other programs were standard.. Jakuzzi, Swimming pool, Basketball and some meetings with the top leaders of DXN Europe. The dinner was amazing because we had opportunity to eat some specialty from a michelin star chef. 

Day 3

I realized at Midnight that it’s bright like in daytime. The sun went down but we couldn’t sleep so we needed to make our cabine fully dark. We woke up at 7:30 am and i pulled the curtain off. What I saw is indescribable. The only thing that I could say is „F... it I can’t believe it. I didn’t use to talk dirty but it slipped out of my mouth. The land was 100 meters from the ship and we went inside the fjord. Blue sea, amazing mountains. The bottom of the mountains was beautiful green and the top was snow-white. It’s still fantastic to remember. 

Our daily program was a bicycle tour because we wanted to see two great fjords (Hellesylt and Geiranger). So we rented four electric bike and started our journey. That was one of our best trip ever. In the evening was usual like the days before. Theatre and a fantastic dinner. 

Day 4

The next stop was Flaam. In this city there is one of the most beautiful railway line in the world. We went up to a Skyview that is higher than 1000 meters. At this place we met with a motorcycle team from Miskolc. I was so happy to meet with them thousands of kilometers from our home. In afternoon we ran with Tündi and we found so many amazing places during this time. 

Day 5

Our morning program was a DXN Leadership Meeting where Mr. Teoh (International Marketing Director) shared the company’s plans for the coming years. This meeting motivated everybody because we heard so many great things. After this meeting we started our sightseeing in a very beautiful city, Stavanger. Many leaders found themeselves in a very interesting bar where the fun was in the main role. JWhen we went back to the ship we met a russian lady, Irina who invited us for her birthday party. Of course she already strengthens our DXN team. You should never lose focus because the big chances come unnoticed in our lives. 

Day 6-7

On the 6th day we spent our day on the ship again. We celebrated Irina’s birthday and made her registration. After that we enjoyed the good weather. We tried the slides at the top of the ship and spent some time in the Panorama Jakuzzi with some leaders from Greece and Italy. 

In afternoon we were part of an exclusive circus performance and we met two hungarian artists who are working on the ship.

Next day the ship arrived in Kiel. This german city was forgettable if i compare to the Norwegian experiences but our hungarian DXN team created the good atmosphere here, too.  

Day 8

After our check out in Copenhagen I have to hurry because i fixed a meeting with my Nepalese partner. We met for the first time but we spent all day together. We consulted, made the registration, ordered products and went sightseeing together. Copenhagen was amazing but the fact that 5 000 Nepalase live there made me even more motivated to come back. Especially because it is very close to Malmo where I go a lot. 

I hope i gave you some motivation to come with us to the next DXN trips in the coming years. You need a two-year plan, focus, 10-15 hours per week and your travel habits will change radically. These trips will be rewards for you, too. Good Luck! Worth it!

Our DXN reward was a wonderful cruise


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