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Physical and Spiritual training

2018.06.10. 12:51

We've been in Miskolc for two days because we are keeping health check with Dr. Csizmaida Bea at our lovable partner.  Meanwhile we keep coffee tasting, cosmetic treatments and give business and products information for our guests.

In the morning I went to my usual training. I ran into many beautiful places in Miskolctapolca. The park in front of the Cave bath is a very good place to some workout. When I finished my training I went back to our Hotel in a very steep street. I saw that an old aunt was trying to go up in this street with two bag and with a stick. I ran away next to her.. I didn't react what really happened. But after 10 meters I realized what I saw and I ran back to help to her. She told me that long time ago she studied in Sopron and her grandchildren still study there.

It was great to talk with her but when she told that she is 89 years old I was shocked. She does this road several times a week and she is mentally healthy as well. I was thankful to meet this woman and I was also thankful that I had time to help her. Open our eyes and help in our environment it possible. I was happy to train our body and our soul as well because I think it was the same pleasure to me as the Aunt.

Physical and Spiritual training


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