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Running thoughts – Gratitude

2019.08.08. 11:05

Before running we went to sailing a bit because it was a very good wind for it. But during my running I had many great thoughts. 

Today the gratitude was the key. Many people came to my mind who has helped me a lot to reach this far. The first thing that came to my mind is health. I had a knee surgery last fall and the doctors advised me „not to run anymore”. After my 12k I’m very thankful to those who helped me a lot. 

An amazing sporting director, a very professional physiotherapist, my wife’s ambition and one of the best long distance runner of Europe. They all helped me to run 130 kilometers in a month. I didn’t feel so good in my skin long time ago as now. 

I’m very healthy thanks to the best food-supplements in the world. Yes, because i can say without any partiality that the DXN supplements are absolutely the best. The Ganoderma, the Cordyceps and the Spirulina give power for my everydays. I haven’t been sick for 10 years. DXN Pearl Powder helped to restore and maintenance the cartilage and the joints. I’m blessed to work with the best. 

In our Call Center company we can work with the most professional partners, leaders and colleagues. In DXN we can work with many great, honest and true people who can conquer the world.

I’m thankful to those who made mistakes in my environment because they reflected me that there are some areas where I put the responsibility on others. I’m thankful to those who left our way because they made me stronger and better.

I’m thankful to my mentors, to my coaches and my trainers who gave me a lot.

After I thought about it all my run was coming to the end. I arrived back to the port and I swam a bit in the water under the beautiful moonlight. 

Am I Lucky? Maybe, but I planned this in my life. I wanted to work with these kind of people. I wanted a wife like this but I did a lot for it

I will be happy tomorrow as well because more and more meetings, opportinities and exercises are waiting for me.

Good Night to all of you! 

Running thoughts – Gratitude


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