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The winners and the performance find followers

2018.06.04. 13:21

This means (if somebody doesn't follow sport) that the champions of many European country fighting to be the champions of the champions next season. So they fighting to be the best team in Europe! So many world class basketball player sign for this league because the final champion has a huge prestige (and it is financial advantageous for the player). It is very rare that there is a team in this final four what works with much smaller financial budgets. This year the Sopron Basket did it. They did it because the manager of this team is a real strategist and a dreamer.He didn't plan the impossible just he just planned the opportunity. They did it because the coach of this team believed in the hard work. Every day from morning till night he worked to get the maximum  out of his players. They did it because the players believed that they can do it and they even worked if they didn't want to. That team where average players play became the 2nd best team in Europe. They got so many recognition , happiness and likely to get new more advantageous contract from the club.

Let's consider the followers of the team. From a few hundred of spectators became thousands of fans. This event moved the media and other people's thoughts. But the most important is the they give a dream to hundreds of youth player.

This is the most important! There are no followers without results.

The another race was in Sárvár. There wasn't a big medium interest there but who run regularly knows this event. It was a 6-12-24 hour running race. The winner will be the competitor who runs the longest run over that time. This is a very hard race. One of our friend, Mészáros Roland prepared for his first 6 hour race. His coach Maráz Zsuzsanna(Ultra runner of 2016 and 2017) competed in the 12-hour race. Roli has been running for a year and a half and he has been planning this competition for a year and a half. He sent the data to his coach after every single training. He didn't question the amount and intensity of the trainings. He trained when he didn't want to do because he has a great desire.

What was the results? In his first race like this he achieved the third place with 66.2 km. His coach, Zsuzsi became the first in her category with 134 km over 12 hour. Maráz Zsuzsi was one of the guest speaker in the last DXN anniversary seminar. After her presentation so many people started to run.

The result and the performance what find followers!

It is important to follow this principle if you work in an area where the followers play an important role in growth and success. These aren't obsolete dogmas. These are the real experiences of this weekend.

Dream big and plan your next steps with your mentor. Work everyday and analyze your weekly performance. Believe in the hard work and put your ego in your pocket. On the podium you can show it but don't forget to put back again if you want to be successful again. 

The winners and the performance find followers


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