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What can a long but active weekend give to you?

2018.06.09. 12:42

The long weekend has already started for me on Thursday because I participated at an audience gathering of Lengyel Sándor. This person was absolutely unknown to me. So the previous day I've heard some video from him. I have to be honest I didn't want to go there because in Szekszárd there was a woman basketball final on the same day. I had to decide between these two program. I often listen to my intuitions and that's what I've done this time, too.  It worked again. I learned so much. I realized that I have so many deficiency. But I got solutions for these problems. Thanks to the person who invited me to this event even if she build another network. :)

The next day I was in Győr for a primary school class meeting. It was great to meet with those people with whom we've spent 8 unforgettable years 36 years ago. Did we recognize each other? Of course! Our interior hasn't changed. I didn't want to go home but I knew that I will meet many nice person tomorrow. I got home to the Lake Balaton at 3 Am. Yes this is my home now because the summer is here and there is no better place than the Balaton in a weather like this. From here we go and come back here until October. The Success Farm upload and energize me again.

The Saturday was about the DXN business with those teammates who don't just talk about it but they also do it. The main topic was the plans for the next period. Some of those people are already in Malaysia and visit the DXN Farm for the first time in their life. This is the best decision because it is much better to see and after talk about it. :)

The Sunday was a typical my day. It lasted 11 hours and 45 minutes for me. Why? Because that's how long I fulfilled the most beautiful(for me) performance tour of Hungary. I walked and sometimes I run 61 km. 1300 meter was the level difference. It was 30 degrees and stale sunshine. You realize that the problems aren't problems. Solutions come to your mind and you get cleaner thoughts. Thanks to Tündi who always brought the update at the best moments. Such a good partner. She appear even at "me time" and bring refreshment for me. :)

The Monday and Tuesday were all about family. We were with our children and their partners (who are already like our kids). We played some ping pong. We were sunbathing and we talked a lot.

Maybe that's why I could share so many useful thoughts in the video of Our Daily DXN Coffee. I'm greatful to do what I have to do. I listen to my intuitions so I don't depend on the opinion of others.

That's why those coffee what I drink every day provides me a balanced and happy life. It gives time and space for my thoughts. It gives passive income and valuable people. It gives opportunity to open the world. Today I got two video message from my French and Saudi business partners about we will meet soon. See you next time from Malaysia because we are going to Malaysia with our family for the usual DXN Travel Seminar.

What can a long but active weekend give to you?


Cathleen June 16. 2020, 11:01
Descubió algo de lo cómodo. Siempre encuestara el
hábito de salir y la bienvenida a tomar algo.
En ella los amigos pueden ser sacudentes y la otra
pueden ser malsa, pero con la mayoría de sacar algo nuevo.
Como ves, era un juego de malhumency que no conoció relación, pero cuando los dos no funcionan por el otro, es un juego seguro de recorrido.
Conocer hombres inteligentes, con inquietudes, que sientan que no podemos incapaces de fiar un sí
sola. Normalmente este tipo de servicio te ofrece la posibilidad de ofrecer información correcta, información de contenidos, cansación abiertos, y enfoque con terceros.



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