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What does the internal motivation mean?

2018.11.13. 10:46

My future classmate (who became a hungarian national football player) József Somogyi’s father was my first coach. I remember every single moment. I remember what we did on the training. I remember where we played and I remember my game as well. I did everything to stay in the team because everybody wanted to play for ETO at those time. There was no facebook or videogame. Only the hungarian TV with a break on Monday. I went to all the traning sessions with a huge passion. That’s why I could move forward year after year.

Suddenly some things that I didn’t realize started to change. Those exercises that were painful or hard for me I started to make it easier. When the coach didn’t look at me I did it with less intensity. Of course I still told to the others that I have big goals with this sport and I want to be a national player or I want to play in the first division. I tried to rely on my talent and I thought that there isn’t any problem with a beer after training. I lost my real power or my real motivation.

Today I had a very strange feeling. After when I finished my training at home I started to talk with my son. I told him that when I was a professional player I didn’t do the exercises as hard as now. I didn’t do a last one exercise when I felt the pain.

The answer of my son was hard and simple: Dad! Probably that’s why you didn’t get any serious results. 

It was painful for me because this conversation has highlighted many things in our DXN business.

First I wanted to reply him that this is not true. I did everything but my talents and my ambience wasn’t good enough etc.. But I swallowed one and I said that you are right.

There are many people who say to their sponsors that they want to be a Diamond or they want to be a Crown Ambassador but when nobody see them they don’t do anything. They only do some „alibi work”. A facebook post or participation in an event but no new contact, no new meetings or any new prospects.

The result can be very calculable. You can be very talented but if you don’t work effectively you won’t reach the result that you want. 

Now after my knee surgery I’m fighting and suffering to be on top again because I want to enjoy that I really like. After that I understood something. What is the internal motivation? What keeps it up?

It’s important to have a very powerful goal that is on your mind everyday. This can inspire you. 

Without this thing you will always avoid what hurts. Sometimes we have to feel the pain for the results and for the success because that leads us to development. Pain is needed to develop muscles. The pain and the sweat is very important and when you think that you can’t do one more then you do two more

I can see in DXN business and in the other areas of the life that the efficiency depends on that. You can relax and avoid those tasks that hurts you but you’ll exercise that you won’t be successful. 

If you don’t have a big desire and you avoid those tasks that are not comfortable for you then it is unnecessary to do it. Find it and recognize it that why you want to be free. If you find this thing and do your job with passion then you will be able to look into your children’s eyes and told them that I did everything!

What does the internal motivation mean?


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