Dr. Lord Mayor DXN leader speech from Nigeria
March 20. 2020, 18:38

Dr. Lord Mayor from Nigeria Makeover 2020 International DXN Leadership Camp Al Ain UAE


Fight against viruses with DXN products
March 07. 2020, 13:10

With antiviral herbs against viruses.


III. DXN American Leadership Camp in Las Vegas
January 02. 2020, 16:38

We were honored to be invited as a speaker to the III. American Leadership Camp. The event took place in one of the finest hotel in Las Vegas.


Year-end meeting in Veszprem
December 14. 2019, 15:45

We organized a great year-end meeting at one of the most beautiful place of Veszprem at the beginning of December. That was the last big event in t...


DXN Nigeria (video)
November 06. 2019, 08:42

DXN Nigeria's Opening Ceremony. Please watch the video.


DXN Nigeria opened its doors!
November 04. 2019, 10:57

Another african country opened its office and started the shopping and business opportunity in Nigeria.


Invitation to Las Vegas
November 04. 2019, 10:56

We are honored to be invited as a performer to the next American Leadership Camp in Las Vegas.


DXN mini-movie
October 25. 2019, 17:36

One of the best mini-movie about DXN company. One World One Market Please watch the movie.


Running thoughts – Gratitude
August 08. 2019, 11:05

The closeness of nature always cleans my thoughts. After a great and successful day I started my usual running before sunset.


My journey with DXN
August 05. 2019, 16:24

-Do you know why are you at the best place? -What is happening and why in DXN? -Why can you be sure that you get the best product?


Our DXN reward was a wonderful cruise
June 20. 2019, 12:02

DXN gives opportunity to enjoy an amazing, luxury travel to those leaders who reaches a certain level of turnover. This time we had an opportunity ...


Already DXN Nigeria is in the field of vision
May 30. 2019, 19:58

The DXN market is improving seriously in Africa.


Jane Yau Ganotherapist in Hungary
May 25. 2019, 15:44

Jane Yau is one of the most experienced ganotherapist in the world. She held prezentations in 4 cities with a title of „How to make our life health...


DXN Hungary is 10 years old
May 24. 2019, 15:32

DXN Hungary celebrated its 10th anniversary. There was so many great leader and many more new member in this anniversary event. We celebrated this ...


What is the DXN Potenzhi
May 17. 2019, 16:24

Last week made a video with Jane Yau ganotherapyst. She talked about DXN Potenzhi, man's health, woman's health and of course the sexual health. P...


DXN Africa opens its wings
May 14. 2019, 19:36

On May 11, was the first DXN seminar and start meeting in Côte d'Ivoire. Two DXN leaders, László Kócsó DXN Crown Ambassador and Szabolcs Czérna DXN...


Do the medicinal mushrooms heal us?
April 14. 2019, 11:42

I often get this question (last time when I was at the doctor for vaccination because we’re going to Africa). The doctor asked me do these mushroom...


Hungarian Travel Seminar in Krakkow
April 07. 2019, 11:12

In the last 5 months DXN Hungary launched a promotion. The company reward with a beautiful trip those who fulfilled 400 PPV in their own sales and ...


CA Factory Day
March 30. 2019, 10:51

The meaning of CA Factory is Crown Ambassador Factory. This is a place where you go for working, for learning an where you have chance to achive th...


Evénement DXN en Côte d'Ivoire
March 23. 2019, 20:08

Tout renseignement sur comment démarrer avec le business café ganoderma en Cote d'Ivoire.


Why are trees blooming?
March 17. 2019, 17:01

Did you ever think about that why are trees blooming in Spring? Why are they so fragrant? We enjoy it and smell it all the time and we consider it ...


Bali is a dream..
March 15. 2019, 16:13

One of the best thing in the life is travel from the winter to the summer. There are so many wonderful place in the world but we chose Bali.


Why are you afraid of restarting?
January 14. 2019, 18:23

Because it’s not easy. It’s not easy to admit to yourself that you are nowhere. It’s not easy to admit to yourself that you have done so far has cu...


Business in the business
January 08. 2019, 16:39

DXN introduced its new cosmetic product lines with which the company finally entered the natural, bio-cosmetic market.


How can you earn money with DXN?
November 30. 2018, 11:14

Many people are very interested that how to earn money with DXN. The answer is quite simple: We have to generate circulation with the DXN products. :)


You are here because of your past...
November 13. 2018, 10:55

This sentence is on the locker room’s door of my favorite basketball team. There are many national team player, euroleague silver medalists, world ...


What does the internal motivation mean?
November 13. 2018, 10:46

I was an active athlete for a very long time. I was 10 years old when my father took me to my first football training in Győr.


You rarely reach your goal with those you’ve started with.
October 16. 2018, 19:12

In recent days I started reading again the book of John C. Maxwell that is about the Leadership.


I had a malaysian guest
October 03. 2018, 12:30

Jane Yau ganotherapyst from Malaysia was my guest for 4 days. She held presentation in 4 different cities where she received a lot of interest.


Hungarian Travel Seminar in Transylvania
October 01. 2018, 12:28

We enjoyed the wonderful Transylvania with a great team for 5 days. We were there with those DXN members who were diligent and they constantly focu...


What does the internal motivation mean?

November 13. 2018, 10:46

I was an active athlete for a very long time. I was 10 years old when my father took me to my first football training in Győr.

My future classmate (who became a hungarian national football player) József Somogyi’s father was my first coach. I remember every single moment. I remember what we did on the training. I remember where we played and I remember my game as well. I did everything to stay in the team because everybody wanted to play for ETO at those time. There was no facebook or videogame. Only the hungarian TV with a break on Monday. I went to all the traning sessions with a huge passion. That’s why I could move forward year after year.

Suddenly some things that I didn’t realize started to change. Those exercises that were painful or hard for me I started to make it easier. When the coach didn’t look at me I did it with less intensity. Of course I still told to the others that I have big goals with this sport and I want to be a national player or I want to play in the first division. I tried to rely on my talent and I thought that there isn’t any problem with a beer after training. I lost my real power or my real motivation.

Today I had a very strange feeling. After when I finished my training at home I started to talk with my son. I told him that when I was a professional player I didn’t do the exercises as hard as now. I didn’t do a last one exercise when I felt the pain.

The answer of my son was hard and simple: Dad! Probably that’s why you didn’t get any serious results. 

It was painful for me because this conversation has highlighted many things in our DXN business.

First I wanted to reply him that this is not true. I did everything but my talents and my ambience wasn’t good enough etc.. But I swallowed one and I said that you are right.

There are many people who say to their sponsors that they want to be a Diamond or they want to be a Crown Ambassador but when nobody see them they don’t do anything. They only do some „alibi work”. A facebook post or participation in an event but no new contact, no new meetings or any new prospects.

The result can be very calculable. You can be very talented but if you don’t work effectively you won’t reach the result that you want. 

Now after my knee surgery I’m fighting and suffering to be on top again because I want to enjoy that I really like. After that I understood something. What is the internal motivation? What keeps it up?

It’s important to have a very powerful goal that is on your mind everyday. This can inspire you. 

Without this thing you will always avoid what hurts. Sometimes we have to feel the pain for the results and for the success because that leads us to development. Pain is needed to develop muscles. The pain and the sweat is very important and when you think that you can’t do one more then you do two more

I can see in DXN business and in the other areas of the life that the efficiency depends on that. You can relax and avoid those tasks that hurts you but you’ll exercise that you won’t be successful. 

If you don’t have a big desire and you avoid those tasks that are not comfortable for you then it is unnecessary to do it. Find it and recognize it that why you want to be free. If you find this thing and do your job with passion then you will be able to look into your children’s eyes and told them that I did everything!

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