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Why are trees blooming?

2019.03.17. 17:01

Did you ever think about that why are trees blooming in Spring? Why are they so fragrant? We enjoy it and smell it all the time and we consider it naturally that in spring the nature has to do this every year.

We don’t even think about that this is a condition for their survival. They’re fighting for bees, for bugs that encourages their survival because of the pollination.

They must overcome each other to be the most fragrant and the most vivid. That’s how they can achive their goal.

It is like a big shopping centre. The shops offer more and more spectacular things to the costumers. The game goes for survival. We learnt this from the nature. We need to become so colourful for our costumers (bees) to choose us. 

Of course there are many carnivorous plants in the nature. They are also very colourful and fragrant to get many victim for their survival. This is their game in their life. They don’t grow they just destroy for their own goals.

It’s more beautiful when a tree provides life to bees. It gives space to grow and create a great meal that is Honey. So this is a real win-win situation because with this action they give good opportunites for the tree, too.

So next time when you’ll see a wonderful flower think about this. But make sure that you see a very useful flower that makes nature more beautiful or it is just a carnivorous plant. 

The nature always can be a great example in the all area of life. Nobody is looking for grey. Nobody is looking for an avarage. You need to become fragrant and colorful to be engaging. You have to give value and you have to increase the others life chances. That’s how you can provide your own „crop” and the continously growth.  

Why are trees blooming?


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