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Why are you afraid of restarting?

2019.01.14. 18:23

Because it’s not easy. It’s not easy to admit to yourself that you are nowhere. It’s not easy to admit to yourself that you have done so far has cut off your habits and abilities. Only the EGO remained. Your journey with ego without results is not leading anywhere.

The good news is that the EGO is for the others. (and who cares?) You can restore the results if you do those things that you have already done and built once. But you have to learn everything again and start from the bottom. 

What am I talking about? About myself of course. If you recognized yourself in this paragraph it can only be a coincidence. 

I was running yesterday. I can run 8-10 km in 1 hour again and I’m really happy because I can do it without any pain. I had much longer distance at higher speed. But I’m glad to be here now.

In October I had a leg surgery. It has been three and a half months since then and I understood lot of things. When you reach something but suddenly happen something with you that push you back then the life is testing you. 

After my surgery I started to train with a professional physiotherapist. He started practicing with me many new habits and skills that I never did before. These shortcomings led to my failure. The fact that I didn’t strengthen my leg was a direct consequence of my injuries.

When you leave basis things in a business process (contacts, customer management, new meetings) then sooner or later you will suffer injury.

After 1.5 month strengthen finally I could start to running. Of course me who has big ego, I would have started with big intensity. „I’ve been running a lot. Nobody tell me how to do it. (That was my inner voice.) Yes, because I think I’m already experienced and learned. I know what I should do but I also have Lucifers. :)

However my professional coach allowed only 1 minutes in the first week. ONLY 1 MINUTES!! Of course I have to repeated this 1 minutes 10 times. I did it cheerly and I could hardly wait for the next week where I could do this for 2 minutes and the next one where I could run for 3 minutes. I was already over 6-7 km but I didn’t even feel it hard. What a brilliant method to get used to. 

Then I wanted to run for 4-5 minutes when my coach stopped me.

Hey! First you should run for 12 minutes at one time then raise it with 2 minutes every time. With this method everything was really easy and I’m here without any pain and of course I do the basis strengthen every time.

What are the lessons for me?

  • The EGO leads you to do those things that you can’t do right now or you will get tired to do it shortly and you’ll give up.
  • Those things don’t show your value that you can do 1 or 2 times. Those things will show your value that you can do predictibility for a long term.
  • Never forget about the basis activities because all of your results depend on them.
  • If you stop to train you will not be able to continue where you were. You will have to start it again.
  • You should measure your results for your own goals not for others.

If you feel that this isn’t only true for running then you feel it right. These things are true for everything. The recognition of these things separate many people from the real, big success.  

Start it today but don’t want to jump big!

You should do it step by step but do a little more everyday.

  • Call somebody and organize a coffee with him. After that if it doesn’t hurt you and feel yourself better call 2 people tomorrow.
  • Read 2 pages from a book today and read 3 or 5 pages tomorrow.
  • Call someone and talk with him today. Tomorrow you can do this with 2 people. 
  • Write down something today that you really want to achieve in your life. Then write down 2 things tomorrow and 3 things day after tomorrow.
  • Apply for a training today and if you liked it repeat it next month.

That’s how your muscular and habits begin to change and your new habits lead you to the success.

1 year later you won’t recognize yourself. Let’s go! All of us are running on different „running track”.

Why are you afraid of restarting?


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