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You are here because of your past...

2018.11.13. 10:55

This sentence is on the locker room’s door of my favorite basketball team. There are many national team player, euroleague silver medalists, world champions and many young talented player in this team.

They really have a serious past even the young players as well because all of them are youth national player.

But why is it important to remember to these sentences?

The leader of the club and the whole staff believes in it. Nobody can win a single match NOW with her medals that she won in the past. With this attitude it’s possible to reach the final in the Euroleauge. With this attitude all the players can improve month by month. With this attitude the impossible is nothing.

But what about us? What about our business success? Our relationships? Our family?

-This sentence is true for all areas of our life. It’s not important that what kind of business success you achieved in the past. It only matters what are you doing NOW.

-Doesn’t matter how many fantastic friends did you have in the past. It only matters what are they thinking about you NOW.

-Doesn’t matter that your partner said yes to you in the past. It only matters what she feels right now.

We have to be active every minute because if we stop to rest anytime then the world may go past us easily and our successes will no longer be important. We have to do for our relationships, for our family harmony and we have to do for our business results continously.

You are here because of your past...


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