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You rarely reach your goal with those you’ve started with.

2018.10.16. 19:12

He writes a whole chapter about the fact that you rarely reach your goals with your teammates with whom you’ve started your journey. This is normal or this is factual. Many people trust in the big starts who will continue their career elsewhere again and again. 

We should be greatful to these people because of the time they spent with us during our journey. But the real success doesn’t depend on them. They are going further but you will continue your journey because you see your goals clearly. You will see that many people will come who are better and more committed than they were.

The goal isn’t always the money and the high bonus. Much more important things are coming to the fore. Predictability, credibility and the commitment. The money is the reward of these values. According to my 10 years of MLM experiences I can see that the money loves the reliability, fairness, sincerity and the commitment in long term. 

That is why I chose the DXN 10 years ago. But today I would decide the same way. Of course I know many people come in the team and many people go but the core of the team will stronger and stronger. There will be more and more energy. This is our power and this is unconquerable.

You rarely reach your goal with those you’ve started with.


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