Address: Hungary/ Europe
Skype: dxnsopron

Join us

A, If you come from Europe:

           Please choose your languages and

           1, click on the New members registration 

           2, Fiil out the form

           3, Buy products or choose the DSP KITs

B, if you would like to join free please click on the:   DXN registration  

           1, Fill the NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM.

           2, Choose us to your sponsor.  Our DXN member code : 011315079  

                            There you will read my name CZERNA SZABOLCS

           3, Agree the Decleration

           4, Click on the New register

5, Please send me your datas, that we can help you in the DXN start

6, Welcome in our team and enjoy your trip to success. :)



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