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Many people are very interested that how to earn money with DXN. The answer is quite simple: We have to generate circulation with the DXN products. :)

This sentence is on the locker room’s door of my favorite basketball team.

I was an active athlete for a very long time. I was 10 years old when my father took me to my first football training in Győr.

In recent days I started reading again the book of John C. Maxwell that is about the Leadership.

Jane Yau ganotherapyst from Malaysia was my guest for 4 days. She held presentation in 4 different cities where she received a lot of interest.

We enjoyed the wonderful Transylvania with a great team for 5 days.

Finally there is a factory where Crown Ambassadors (salesman who are on a very successful business level) are manufactured.

There is a mushroom that has been used by millions of people for thousands of years.

My biggest desire is to realize a 3-day working week. Because I believe that if we work well and effectively for 3 days then we deserve to rest on the other days.

I heard many times when I talked with adult people that how much they loved to work abroad because this is the biggest opportunity of their life.

Maybe our biggest profit in this business is our countinously growing relationships.

In 5th of August was 10 years ago that I joined to DXN. It didn’t seem like a big decision. I let my feelings to lead me because there wasn’t any reason to not to do it.

Don’t start to read this post if you don’t have time! But sometime it’s worth to stop and see those things what is not clear for everyone in our crowded everydays.

The DXN Seminar in May was a fantastic trip. The Royal Caribbean's cruise was amazing with lots of DXN leaders. Check this short summary video about it.

The new DXN song was presented at the 25th anniversary event in Malaysia. I hope you'll like it.

I met with Erika and István thanks to DXN. After their powerful and successful work, the Swedish market opened.

15 years ago the Soproni Darazsak Egyesület started its own journey. Today it works as a Youth Basketball Academy.

The I. DXN Charity and Running Day was held in Tata. That was the first time when the DXN visited this beautiful city.

The last week I met many people I didn’t know before. For me it is always good to get to know new people.

Sometimes I got strange manifestations what can be natural if we are talking about a man who are in the focus of thousands of people.

Comfort is the biggest enemy to the welfare society. You lose many of your opportunity every day. Today will take another day. What did you lie today?

We've been in Miskolc for two days because we are keeping health check with Dr. Csizmaida Bea at our lovable partner.

If you life you can experience so many things. Maybe this is the best answer but probably this is not enough for you.

It was very honorific, that I could be a speaker on the ITSI2018 on the Caribbean Cruise.

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